The LCCG Team – An Introduction.

LCCG was founded by Paul Thompson and Ian Maidens who between them have in excess of 40 years experience in the life sector.

Paul Thompson Photograph

Paul Thompson

Group CEO

  • Initial career as an investment banker specialising in financial institutions.
  • Joined Britannic Group in 2002 as Group FD and appointed Group CEO in 2003.
  • Led the restructuring of the Group and its repositioning as a life fund consolidator.
  • Merged with Resolution I in 2005, becoming Group CEO of the merged group.
  • The resultant entity was subsequently sold to Pearl Group (now Phoenix) in 2007.
  • Head of Pamplona financial services practice leading investments in Chaucer (UK listed Lloyds underwriter) and Oakwood (UK specialist mortgage servicer) between 2008 and 2012.
  • Co- founded LCCG in 2013.

Ian Maidens Photograph

Ian Maidens

Group CFO

  • Started his career in life assurance and subsequently moved to actuarial consultancy.
  • Worked with Resolution I from its inception in early 2003.
  • Following the merger with Britannic Group, Ian was a director of the resulting Resolution plc and Chief Actuary & Head of Corporate Development.
  • Became a founding partner of Resolution II in 2008, and led the activity to create what was Friends Life Group.
  • Left Resolution II to co-found LCCG when arrangements between the Resolution group and the listed company ended in 2013.