Strategic Objectives.

Our strategic objectives are:

  • To become a leading European mid-market life company consolidator.
  • Establish a life insurance utility with a reputation for quality.
  • Provide a customer friendly proposition incorporating the protection of policyholders from the dis-economies of scale in a sub-scale business and the provision of the highest standards of TCF and strong security of benefits.
  • Acquire a broad spread of traditional books of business in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe, comprising a mix of closed and open portfolios.
  • To have a targeted new business offering to complement the acquisition led growth.
  • To fund ourselves with a conservative mix of debt and equity whilst maintaining strong capital ratios.
  • Define the ‘best in class‘ approach for management of life funds, including risk & return optimisation, capital management, investment excellence, efficient operations, and strong governance & financial controls.
  • To be a rewarding and exciting place to work.